Our History


Established by five like-minded farmers following dissolution of the Milk Marketing Board

Omsco - Organic brand logos

1994 - 2004

Grows customer and farmer base


Organic milk market booms. Conventional farmers convert en masse

Omsco - UK graphic

2008 - 2012

Responding to the UK recession, and pre-empting over-supply, Omsco begins exporting organic raw milk to the continent


Omsco becomes the first and only European source of USDA-certified organic dairy products

Omso - Organic Kingdom logo


Omsco drives its US business and Organic Kingdom wins Gold at the International Cheese Awards


Omsco announces joint membership with the worlds largest organic dairy company, Organic Valley


Omsco opens up additional added value export markets as part of its diversification strategy and gains Chinese organic accreditation


Omsco announces joint membership with European organic co-op Eko Holland and partners with Wyke Farms to transform the UK organic cheese market

Omsco - Eko Holland logo
Omsco - Wyke Farms logo


Omsco expands its infant formula ingredients business and completes its latest recruitment drive against new contracts, by welcoming new members into the Omsco family