While our aim is to be the pre-eminent organic dairy corporate brand – offering only the best products and services to our business customers – we never forget that, ultimately, we operate within a consumer-branded world.

To that end, we have a clear idea of who we want to be and what we want to stand for... what makes us truly unique.

Just like any other world-leading brand.

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Our Vision

A pioneering spirit and focus on growth lie at the heart of what we do and is one of the main contributors to our success. They are reflected in our Vision:

‘...to help grow our members’ businesses by championing British organic dairying, as the most innovative company in our sector’

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Our Purpose

In addition to our corporate and business ambitions, we also have a much broader role to fulfil. Ultimately answering the question, Why do we exist?

‘In partnership with our members, we are working together for a brighter future... for our animals, farms, environment, customers and society as a whole’

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Our Missions

Our Missions guide what we do and underpin our long-term business strategy, vision and purpose through:

our continuing commitment to being 100% organic and focused on our sector


maintaining our scale and building our scope, especially internationally


further developing diversified, added-value products. services and supply chain solutions


creating more strategic UK and international business partnerships


remaining true to our co-operative ethos, enhanced by commercial realism and flair

Our Values

These represent our core beliefs. They help shape the way in which we behave and we’re happy to be judged by how well we perform against them.

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Organic dairy farming is all and everything we do, delivering the highest possible standards for our animals, the environment and those who consume our products.

We’re passionate about how we act, working together to create a better future and enable our farmers to keep on doing what they know and love... for generations to come.

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We have incomparable knowledge of our industry, to which we’re always adding. We want to be the ‘go-to’ organisation for all things relating to organic dairying.

The breadth and depth of our know-how means we’ll always try to act and talk in a straight forward, informed way that’s easily understood.

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We are pioneers in our industry: through our approach and ideas, strategic business partnerships, and operations.

That spirit means we think ‘outside the box’ to deliver clever technical, supply chain, marketing and commercial solutions – consistently, to the highest possible quality.

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We value in-depth, long-term relationships founded on mutual trust.

We act with absolute integrity and honesty at all times, being open and transparent with our colleagues and stakeholders alike.

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We are one family and community – welcoming, caring and approachable – and support our colleagues, farmers, their families and animals. We believe there’s room for all.

We give everyone the opportunity for their views to be heard; listening and respecting each other, and responding in a considered way.

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We are always aware of what’s going on around us, constantly seeking out opportunities to increase our relevance locally, across the UK, and internationally.

We are confident in what we do and say, looking beyond our immediate surroundings and responsibilities to engage positively with others.