We have a wide range of standard and specialist organic dairy products, as well as our own proprietary brand: Organic Kingdom.

We supply our products on a regular basis to all main European markets, as well as to the US, Middle East, Asia and Australasia via our partner companies.

We are able to meet a number of global organic certification standards on request.

Omsco - Organic milk proteins

Organic raw milk

Organic skimmed milk concentrate

Organic whole milk concentrate

Organic skimmed milk powder

Organic whole milk powder

Omsco - Organic cream and butter

Organic cream

Organic salted bulk and packet butter

Organic unsalted bulk and packet butter

Organic Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF)

Omsco - Organic Kingdom cheese

Organic cheddar bulk

Organic Kingdom

Organic mozzarella

Omsco - Organic whey

Organic raw whey concentrate

Organic whey protein concentrate (30/70/80)

Organic permeate

Organic lactose

Organic demineralised whey powders (D70 / D90)