The UK’s largest, farmer-owned & run, organic dairy cooperative

Omsco was formed in 1994 by a group of five like-minded dairy farmers with a shared belief that there is simply a better way to farm.

Twenty-five years on, the passion and belief of those original members has inspired others; Omsco has transformed its member base, market reach and international alliances.

Omsco has over 250 farmer members across the UK, producing more than 250 million litres of organic milk.


Managing over 65% of the country’s Organic Milk supply

Omsco is the largest, longest established organic dairy co-operative in the UK and the only one that is 100% farmer-owned and farmer-run, nationally. It is the second largest dedicated organic milk pool in the world.

Omsco supplies the majority of the UK’s organic dairy processing needs, and is the leading dairy exporter of organic cheese, butter, raw milk, bulk ingredients, whey and specialist ingredients. Omsco has also established itself as the only large scale European producer of USDA and Chinese certified organic milk and dairy products.