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The only European Organic Cheese in the USA

Kingdom is a new range of deliciously distinctive heritage cheeses from the UK. The first cheese to launch in the range is Kingdom Cheddar.

Traditionally handcrafted and aged to produce a bold and distinctive flavour

The combination of high quality organic milk and the traditional cheddar making techniques used give Kingdom Cheddar its exceptional taste and smooth texture. Kingdom Cheddar is aged for a minimum of 10 months to bring out the nutty, grassy notes of this distinctive cheese.

From the birthplace of Cheddar in the UK, and generations of cheese-making experience

A rugged gorge in South West England is lined with deep caves chiselled during the last Ice Age. Centuries ago, inhabitants discovered that these limestone caves had the perfect temperature and humidity to age a unique, flavourful cheese which they named after the village at the base of the gorge... Cheddar!

Today, the small family farms that supply the organic milk for Kingdom are located in the region of this historic gorge.

Small group of family run organic farms

All the milk used to make Kingdom Cheddar comes from a small number of family farms located in the South West region of England. Our farmers have been farming for generations and are passionate about organic standards, their herds’ health and the quality of milk.

Made with milk from grass fed cows

The temperate climate and ample moisture in this region create pastures of lush grass. Our organic dairy cows graze on a virtual smorgasbord of grasses and legumes, which impart a unique flavour to the milk.

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